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Green papers

Information about the organizational /environmental setting of the area:
The southern forest account for 29% of the total forest cover in United States of America. They are rich in terms of Biodiversity and are known for their important ecosystem services. The variety of habitats such as hardwood forests, forest wetlands, coastal wetlands, cypress swamps; nurture unique plant and animal species and is a centre of species endemism.


Current concerns or issues
This wealth is now under tremendous pressure. This part is one of the largest producers of pulp and paper for office use and packaging and hence devastating impact comes from the paper industries. It has been reported that millions of acres of forests have been replaced by monoculture of pine plantations for paper production.


Education Intervention
Several organizations are working now to build sustainable paper markets through the ideas of sustainable consumption and production of resources to save the forests such as maximizing fibre recovery and recycle paper production, much higher paper recovery rate. Using various approaches of education and communication and advocacy, training, networking, campaigns, these organizations have achieved a fair amount of success.

For instance, Dogwood Alliance, a nonprofit origination, uses market place campaigns as one of the key approaches to educate the paper industry majors and their corporate customers, on the economic and environmental benefits of sustainable forestry in paper production in the long run. They collaborate with them to find innovative sustainable business solutions that result in sustainable forestry. In 2007, the organization started expanding campaigns to convince fast food giants to adopt more sustainable consumption and production practices in paper packaging.  

Accomplishments/ outcomes post-intervention
Successful campaigns and collaboration with paper industries since 1996, have led to the adoption of sustainable practices by the key industries like Staples, International Paper, Abiti Bowater and Georgia Pacific to conserve the unique biodiversity of the region.

Using a combination of approaches for building pressure at the grassroots, and for negotiating and collaborating meaningfully with the industries and the government, the organization claims that, it has been successful in transforming practices in paper industries resulting in increased protection of Southern forests. With the aim to protect forests for the present and for the future, the organization is now being recognized as a leading resource for potential alternatives like Jatropa by the biofuel companies who log trees from southern forests for cellulosic ethanol.


Aichi Biodiversity Target Addressed

Target 4: Sustainable consumption and production
By 2020, at the latest, Governments, business and stakeholders at all levels have taken steps to achieve or have implemented plans for sustainable production and consumption and have kept the impacts of use of natural resources well within safe ecological limits.