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Green Business

A range of products that encourage biodiversity friendly lifestyle , enhance biodiversity conservation and provide livelihood to the communities are advertised here. The Secretariat of the Education for the Conservation of Biological Diversity will attempt to ensure the authenticity of the product though, it does not endorse the content or the authenticity of the product or the sites and references provided here.

Green Products

PARYAVARAN EDUTECH of CEE is not for profit company which develops and disseminates environment-related products like books, calendars, cards, posters, souvenirs, bags etc. The income generated is utilized for programmes and activities related to Biodiversity conservation to the benefit of the general community.



Kaigal Products

Kaigal Education and Environment Program (KEEP) of Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI) works towards Biodiversity Conservation in tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh. They develop organic products from Non-Timber Forest Products such as honey, herbal mix, pickles, cleansing products, garments, etc.; with the participation of tribal community, particularly women. Income from the sale goes to women.

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