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ESD Initatives


Education has been recognized as one of the important tools to aid the processes leading to the effective implementation of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is of seminal relevance to this process, as it has the power to move society from awareness of biodiversity and sustainability issues to concerted action. The rapid development of the cross-cutting, multi-disciplinary approach of ESD has provided valuable tools, skills, methodologies, pedagogies and expertise for biodiversity conservation benefitting the environment, the economics and the society.

There are several result oriented ESD initiatives across countries that can be aligned to almost all the Aichi Biodiversity targets. These valuable and meaningful stories that are shared here by several practitioners and conservation enthusiast convey valuable lessons of the educational processes. They do enhance the understanding of the scope of education, the depth of its impact and the power it demonstrates to bring the desired change. Go through these stories and get inspired. Innovate, experiment, practice and share your story too.

Aichi Biodiversity Target